Instagram is testing a new Audio Tab option in explore to enhance the music search.  It is currently visible for some users in the explore option which let you search for specific music in app.


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Instagram new Audio option in explore           Imstagram Audio Option in explore 2

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This new Audio option lets you search for a particular song by entering the name of the song & then it displays a list of songs followed by the registered songs in Instagram system. After clicking over a song lead you to another page for that song /clip shows option to save that audio or use that for a clip/post. It also displays other reels which uses same songs.

This is just the same as Tiktok.


Instagram use this technique to generate more music engagement with in the app or might highlight the trending reels to audience. This shows that Instagram is really working hard to increase engagement over reels. And its a matter of interest to see how successful this step will be for Instagram.

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