Instagram has announced that in order to expand the distribution of information and updates related to COVID-19 it will display stories by official health bodies higher in users’ stories feed.

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It is only related to official health organizations that you have followed so it will not change anything for those users who do not want such information in their feed. It will now be easier for those users to find information who are connected to Instagram to stay updated. This is a new addition to Instagram’s COVID-19 support and relief efforts which include supporting local businesses, new fundraising tools, and last but not least its Stay Home and Thank You stickers to offer users to share their support to health-related messages.

Instagram's COVID-19 Efforts
Image Source: Social Media Today

If you have been following official health organizations on Instagram, now you can expect to receive their stories and posts more often in your feed. And if in case you do not want to stay updated, it might be worth it to look up WHO and other organizations and give them a follow.

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