Though people are trying everything to stay positive during the pandemic lockdown, it is indeed affecting our overall fitness and mind. As the users are spending more time on social media, Instagram is taking measures to make it resourceful in contributing to uplift the health of the users via the Instagram Guides a new way to share and consume content on Instagram.

This new way of Instagram for promoting health community is indeed a big step as taken by any other social media platform making Instagram the first one. Instagram released a guide that is filled with tips and exercises by professionals and experts to help users fight anxiety during the pandemic.

Here is what you can do to fight anxiety.

Do Yoga As It Releases Stress & Anxiety

Few easy to do yoga poses that you can do anywhere to reduce stress and anxiety.

CBT Exercises To End Negative Thoughts

These easy CBT exercises will help you stop negative thoughts and anxiety by @foxddanielle

Stop & Breathe

HG’s Deputy Editor- If I want to feel okay, or at least as okay as one can be during a pandemic, then I have to not push myself to use my brain for more than it wants to be used.”


Ten important practices and tips to take care of your mental health from gurus.


Take the screenshot of these tarot cards and get into a state of meditation by using colors as a way to relax.

Breathing Exercise

Slow and get control over your heart rate by following this breathing exercise from @koyawebb

Manifest Patience 

These phrases approved by the therapist can help you to get to fight negative and anxious thoughts.

 Prioritize  Your Mental Health

Tips To Practice Self-Care

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Take Rest

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