Facebook is looking to work on another option to add more pressure on TikTok, this time by allowing users of Instagram who are posting Reels to allow those Reel clips to be shared on Facebook, with the ability to be displayed in both the Facebook Watch and in News Feed.


Instagram Declares Crackdown On Influencers Who Fail To Reveal Commercial Partnerships

As seen in the above image, Instagram is testing out a new option to enable users to share Reels within Facebook News Feeds, in addition to within Instagram itself. This could provide more opportunities to enhance your audience reach and it may help Facebook lure more of them across from TikTok itself. It is hard to argue that this effort was not in intentions to slow down TikTok’s growth – but is that anti-competitive, or is it a smart business tactic? Users are showing more interest in a new feature, which Facebook can also provide. Why wouldn’t it add the same?


Facebook with massive functionality is able to roll out similar features to a lot of users in so many regions and beating so many small platforms through reach and exposure. FTC has filed a lawsuit which states that Facebook has over time “engaged in a systematic strategy to eliminate threats to its monopoly”. The main question is whether Facebook is being targeted with this new legal action because it’s now growing too big, and regulators are growing concerned. Or is the company actually using anti-competitive tactics, and limiting market innovation and opportunity as a result.

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