Impact of Google September core update:

The new update highly impacts the issues of health and finances as they were rising in the position varies from 1-3 but it is showing a downward in their results. The niches of these two are highly depressive as they show a major fall.

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Volatility chart of September 2019 Update:



Volatitlity chart of september core update 2019

Image Source: Rank Ranger


Comparison Chart of June vs September 2019


Comparison chart of june vs September 2019 core Update
Comparison chart of June vs September 2019 core Update

Image Source: Rank Ranger

The chart clearly shows that the initial results of the health and finance industry face a tragic downfall but at the end of the results it is showing higher search results in health and finance niches.


The poll has been raised on 26 September:




The data represents that the new September 2019 core update was not so impactful or strong as the June core update 2019 but the September core update seems to be more impactful on the human lifestyle and their money.

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