Rs 3.18 crore will be invested as grants to 12 startups which are working in the arena of biotechnology, agriculture, security, robotics and communication by Karnataka’s department of information technology and biotechnology.


How enterprise have been selected

The enterprises have been sorted out based on implementation of practicality, technology, innovation and feasibility.


Startup were chosen because of their potentia

IT&BT minister, Priyank Kharge said that, “We have always supported startups in the state and will continue to do so. These 12 startups were chosen because they have the potential to make a difference”.


Startup will associate with Idea2PoC

These newbies were a part of Idea2PoC (Proof of Concept) which was schemed by Karnataka Startup Cell which was being looked upon by Karnataka’s IT department. Every company is expected to receive Rs 50 lakh of base fund.


About Idea2PoC

State Government of Karnataka launched a multi-sector startup policy in 2015 of which Idea2PoC is a part. The policy is implemented by Karnataka Biotechnology and Information Technology Services.


Vision is to mentor and promote the startup

Gaurav Gupta, principal secretary at BT, IT and science and technology, said that,


“Bengaluru is the IT hub of the country, however, we now see that startups in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, security, communications, robotics, and gaming are springing up rapidly. Our vision is to promote and mentor these startups, and provide them with all the assistance they require to become completely self-sufficient”.

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