WordPress declared that there may add lazy-loading to images by default in WordPress 5.4. Publishers will not have to use Javascript or third party plugins for lazy-loading their images, instead “loading” HTML attribute will be enabled on all IMG elements.

The lazy-loading HTML attribute tells a browser to either wait before downloading an image or to download it right away. There is no JavaScript need to accomplish this.

The two main lazy-loading attributes are:

  • Lazy

  • Eager

Lazy, it will be added in WordPress 5.4 by default, means that certain (typically large) resources on a website, such as images, are only loaded once the user scrolls close to them. It will upgrade the experience of the users on WordPress sites.

The “eager” attribute commands the browser to instantly download the image.

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Releasing Date

The estimated release date of WordPress5.4 is March 31, 2020. WordPress is very serious about their deadlines, however, the date may change after looking at how ready the release is.

WordPress Said:

Lazy-Loading Will Be Added To All Images In WordPress 5.4
Lazy-Loading Will Be Added To All Images In WordPress 5.4
Image Source: search engine journal

After looking at the comments made by WordPress, it may be predicted that lazy-loading will be added in such a way that it can be removed in the future easily. It may be that browsers start lazy-loading images by default, then the use of attribute will be finished.

Google already has plans to add lazy-loading to all images by default. It will work if the browser is in the lite-mode or in Date saver mode. They indicated it through Web.dev.

Lazy-Loading Plugin

WordPress has already launched a plugin for testing. If any publisher wants to test can download the plugin and give their feedback.

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