WordPress has announced various creative themes for multiple products with a code injection vulnerability. The company needs to update that soon as a vulnerability enables an untrustworthy user to perform functions of PHP.

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Divi Theme

Divi is the most popular theme on WordPress and is widely used around the globe. It is necessary for the publishers to update their theme and the other two elegant theme products straight away.

Announcement Of Elegant Theme

Enhanced Theme Announcement
Enhanced Theme Announcement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Themes Products Having Vulnerability

There are three products from an elegant theme that have been discovered with vulnerability i.e Divi theme, Extra Divi theme, and the Divi builder plugin.

Protect Against Divi Vulnerability

The publisher needs to updates its existing theme with Divi theme, Extra Divi Theme, and Divi builder plugin. While this vulnerability might not affect customers who do no longer have third party individuals, authors, and editors, it’s nonetheless profitable to update your Divi theme because there are various trojan horse fixes that accompany this update.


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