WordPress invents a new way through which websites can earn more money on their content. Websites that are hosted on WordPress.com can monetize them with a new recurring payment feature.

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The recurring payment feature is available at any plan that the user has from WordPress.com. With this site-owner is able to get a collection from supporters in exchange of something.

Statement By WordPress.com:

WordPress Statement
WordPress Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Benefits To Site Owners:

  • Recurring payment feature will integrate the user’s website with Stripe to process payments and helps in the collection of funds.
  • Website owners will have a number of subscriptions and offer they can avail of.
  • Recurring Payment feature will accept constant scheduled payments directly on their sites.

Website owners have to pay a certain amount of money to the WordPress that was earned from recurring payments. The portion totally depends on what plan does the user takes. Apart from this amount the user needs to pay WordPress fees as well.

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