LinkedIn is facing issues as its API is not sharing display images. Vahan Petrosyan, lead developer of Search Engine Journal discovered this issue. This issue is found in recently published content, not in the older one. Below, the image shows the example of older link and recent link

LinkedIn Facing Issue With API In Sharing Display Images
Image Source – searchenginejournal

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Issue Confirmation

To check this widespread issue number of links went through LinkedIn’s Post Inspector Tool. The main work of this tool is to allow the user to check how the feed will look after sharing. However, the results were shocking as all the links were without display images.

Issue Confirmation
Image Source – searchenginejournal

The preview image impacts the click-through rate. However, if you are not receiving as much traffic it could be the reason. Marketers must be aware of this issue.

More On This

It is not yet sure LinkedIn is aware of this issue as most of the new content is getting affected. Looking at the current situation LinkedIn has to fic it as early as possible otherwise feed will look as long plain text.

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