LinkedIn is adding new reply control tools on your LinkedIn posts which will allow users to restrict, who can comment on their platform updates.


LinkedIn Rolls Out Swipe Up Feature In Stories To Add Links

Who can comment on your post LinkedIn
Image Source: LinkedIn

As seen in the first image above, it displays that users now have the control to set who can see their posts on LinkedIn. The new controls announced by LinkedIn is on the right-  reply controls that let users dictate who can comment on their posts.

Explanation By LinkedIn

For example, you might want to ask your connections, who you know and trust, for a particular piece of advice. Or you may want to ask an industry question just to a specific group you are a member of.

Users can also choose no replies, if you want to post something on LinkedIn, without starting any discussion. LinkedIn has also introduced a new ‘mute’ option for users to remove selected users or company pages from your feed.

Statement By LinkedIn

To curate your feed beyond engaging with content, you can also signal to us what you want to see more and less of by clicking the three dots (…) on a post. This will open a toolbox of options available, including saving the post to review later, hiding the specific post from your feed by clicking “I don’t want to see this,” and reporting the post. A new option we just rolled out in this section lets you mute an individual or Page who might show up on your feed because a connection of yours commented, reacted, or reshared that individual’s content.

LinkedIn Mute Option
Image Source: LinkedIn


LinkedIn algorithms can be bizarre at times but it is good to have more ways to have control over what you see, while the new conversation controls provide more options for maintaining different types of discussions on the platform.

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