Recently, LinkedIn has come up with a new swipe feature for its Stories. The company has taken this step because the stories are having so much popularity. The same swipe-up feature is widely available on almost every social media platform.

LinkedIn’s swipe up feature works the same as the Instagram swipe up stories feature. This new feature is not available to everyone on the platform. members must be eligible to enjoy this swipe-up feature. This could be a great source to increase traffic from the company’s LinkedIn pages.


LinkedIn Updated Its Avatar, Accessing All Users To See LinkedIn Stories

Steps To Use Swipe-Up Feature In LinkedIn Stories

In September 2020, for the time LinkedIn launches the stories feature to its platform. This gives many businesses and marketers to use the platform in more ways. But this makes the marketers in a fickle mind for having stories on a professional platform. Now swipe-up feature will add some more reasons for the businesses to get involved in its stories feature.
With the help of the swipe-up feature, website owners may generate some more traffic. This could be another tool for them. Not only to websites, but you can also link your latest blog post, job posting, and many more.
Here’s how you can add a link to your LinkedIn Stories:
  • Create a story by adding either a video or an image to it
  • Click on the link icon
  • Insert a URL in “Add a link”
  • Choose the necessary action button
  • Press Done and start sharing your story

Some Examples

Eligibility To Use Swipe-Up Feature

The swipe-up feature is currently available to all the LinkedIn pages. The feature is available to some of the LinkedIn members as well but they have to meet the criteria:

  • You should have a minimum of 5,000 connections.
  • You must have a follow button instead of a Connect button.

You can change the “Connect” button to “Follow” which can be done from the privacy settings.

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