LinkedIn has introduced some new tips and guides on how to plan out effective on-platform marketing campaigns, which will help you out in your LinkedIn ad efforts. LinkedIn offers a range of worksheets and notes in its all-new 38 pages ‘Better LinkedIn Campaign Planning’ guide to assist you in your planning process.


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This guide is basically created to walk you through every stage of each type of LinkedIn ad campaign, starting with an overview of the important objectives for each.

Key metrics
Image Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn also includes more particular overviews for each type of campaign, highlighting the main elements including links to the related resources:

Ad Type Resources
Image Source: LinkedIn

The last element is the planning worksheet for every campaign type that you can fill in with your details:

Planning Worksheet
Image Source: LinkedIn


As more users are turning to LinkedIn than before, it might be beneficial to consider the potential of the platform for your marketing efforts and going through these guides and notes to figure out how they can work for your approach. Users can now download LinkedIn’s Better Campaign Planning Guide.

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