LinkedIn is testing a new feature that will allow users to add a poll to any post. This feature was noticed by Jane Manchun Wong, who is an expert in finding out features that are unreleased.

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According to Wong, LinkedIn Polls will work similarly to that of Twitter polls. Users will be able to create a poll with one question and up to 4 responses. But the main difference to note is in the duration of the polls, LinkedIn polls can last up to 2 weeks whereas Twitter polls last up to a maximum of 7 days. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow polls to last for 24 hours. LinkedIn as of now has not released any official date when it will be released. However, it has released few help documents guiding how to use polls when the feature does come out.

Statements In Help Documents

LinkedIn Polls Overview

The Poll feature will soon be available and users will not have to use any third-party application to add polls to the posts. As stated by the company in its help documents these polls can be used to collect information about trends and marketing insights, or just to simply initiate a conversation.

Overview Of LinkedIn Polls
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

LinkedIn polls can not be used to ask for health status, political views or any other sensitive data.

Technical Details About LinkedIn Polls

Poll Visibility

Users can adjust the visibility when creating a poll. “Anyone” is the default visibility option, others include:

  • Connections Only: Only visible to 1st-degree connections of the poll author only.
  • Group Members: Only available to the members of the group where the poll was shared.
  • Anyone + Twitter: Shown to anyone on both Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Event Attendees: displayed to any attendee of the event

Users will not be able to change the visibility for a poll once it is set.

Poll Duration

Duration of the poll includes

  • Three days
  • One week
  • Two weeks
  • One day

Poll Insights

Polls authors can see who and how the has person voted and the accumulated results can be seen in the percentage format.

Polls In Groups

Now users can again create polls in the LinkedIn groups which was taken away years ago.

Mobile And Desktop Support

Users can create polls both from the desktop version and mobile version of the LinkedIn app.

Mostly Responses Are Anonymous

The response to a poll by a user will not be visible to anyone else but the poll author.

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