LinkedIn’s new data reveals the top demanding jobs that the companies are right now hiring for and the skills that the employers are looking for in August 2020. This marks the first edition of the latest monthly report on LinkedIn insights.

Statement By LinkedIn

“Whether your next move is finding a remote job, learning a new skill, or sprucing up your LinkedIn profile, we’re going to be publishing a new monthly series rounding up key LinkedIn insights and expert tips to help you get there.”

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Jobs In Demand: August 2020

The data by LinkedIn reveals that there is still a huge demand for service workers. A lot of companies are hiring employees for assistant and advisory jobs specifically in healthcare and finance. The list of most demanding jobs for the month of August:

  1. Salesperson
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Food Delivery Driver
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Store Associate
  6. Cashier
  7. Financial Advisor
  8. Stock Clerk
  9. Training Supervisor
  10. Project Manager

Considering this that most of the people are not able to work in-person jobs right now so LinkedIn has created a different list of the most in-demand remote jobs. Here’s the list of the remote jobs that most of the companies are looking to hire for:

  1. Software Architect
  2. DevOps Engineer
  3. Software Engineer
  4. Account Manager
  5. Back End Developer
  6. Project Manager
  7. Account Executive
  8. Sales Manager
  9. Sales Development Representative
  10. Full Stack Engineer

Software jobs have always been in demand and take four of the top five spots. Almost all of the other spots are acquired by the business development and sales jobs.

Skills In-Demand: August 2020

These are the most desired skills, in consideration to the jobs posted since June. As per the data by LinkedIn, 83% of the job posted in the months of June and July requires minimum one of the below top 10 skills.

  1. Communication
  2. Business Management
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Data Science
  5. Data Storage Technologies
  6. Technical Support
  7. Leadership
  8. Project Management
  9. Digital Literacy
  10. Employee Learning & Development

LinkedIn is also offering free courses from now till March 31, 2021, in order to help people looking for jobs to improve each of the above skills mentioned in the list.

Tips For LinkedIn’s Job Hunting

LinkedIn will include tips from experts with each of its monthly reports on in-demand skills and jobs. This month’s tips are especially in regard to help people land a remote job right now:

“LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index shows people are feeling pretty good about working remotely. 55% of survey respondents said that long-term remote work would be successful in their industry. However, finding a job remotely, even if you’ll be going into a workplace eventually, is a little different than an in-person interview process.”

Three Tips On Landing A Perfect Remote Job Right Now:

  • Set Job Alerts: Set the notifications for the latest job postings. The data by LinkedIn shows that people are 4X more likely to get a revert from a job if you apply within the first 10 minutes.
  • Update Profile Settings: Let the recruiters know that you are open to remote job opportunities by updating your “open to work” settings.
  • Train Yourself For Video Interviews: If you are someone who is new to the remote work, then take some time to train yourself for the process of a video interview.
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