LinkedIn is working on a new service where users will be able to search and hire freelancers. LinkedIn is creating Marketplaces to compete with other freelance hiring sites like Fiverr and Upwork. A statement received from a LinkedIn spokesperson states that the pandemic has lead to a rise in demand for freelance workers.


LinkedIn’s Launching New Program To Help Content Creators

Statement By A LinkedIn Spokesperson

In the future we’ll be building new ways to share more about the services you [could] offer directly through your LinkedIn profile,

Users will also be able to post their own offers to attracts freelancers for particular jobs. Clients can post a review to the freelancer they hired after the work is completed. Clients will be able to compare rates and hire freelancers directly on the site. LinkedIn will have a cut of the transaction provides through the Marketplaces. LinkedIn’s Editor-in-Cheif, Daniel Roth post displays that the company acknowledges the importance of its content creators. Roth is looking to hire a leader to build a team that will allow creators to “have an even bigger impact” on the platform.

LinkedIn’s new Head of Community job posting hints that the company is creating strategies to retain content creators.

We’re starting a community management team to support and grow our content creators, with the mission to source, nurture, uplevel and retain these important voices. Creators’ sets off incredible ripples, helping others find their community and develop their own voice. The more people who give and get help, the faster we all grow.

LinkedIn may be looking to invest in creators, which will therefore be another way for the users to earn money in addition to Marketplaces.

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