LinkedIn is testing out a new option called “Current Status” which will let users share what they are doing at a given point of time within a one-line summary.

Current Status option
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the above picture by Jane Manchun Wong, reverse engineering expert the “Current Status” field will allow a 75 character summary, which will then be showcased when users hover over your profile in the app.

LinkedIn Confirms The Testing

“We’re always exploring new ways to improve our members’ experience on LinkedIn, including features to help best represent themselves on their LinkedIn profile and with their LinkedIn community.”

Similar options have been tested by various applications. Twitter has experimented with a status indicator as an addition to its presentation options.

Twitter status
Image Source: Social Media Today

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Facebook is also found out to be working on status indicators, expectedly in Instagram’s Thread app launched last October. The key feature of the thread app is status options, which allows you to display what you are upto at a point of time, along with “Auto Status” which gives an update on what you are upto on the basis of your location info. Facebook has been working on the same in its messenger app.

Messenger auto status
Image Source: Social Media Today

On LinkedIn, this might provide a way for event promotion so as to meet up with people in real life. It will be beneficial for LinkedIn users as they can add @oneteam status for an example which connections will come across within the app. There are many ways it can be used but sharing meet-up opportunities lookout to be the most obvious. There’s no as such information by LinkedIn on the roll-out date yet.

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