GIFs have always been a favourite among the viewers since their existence. Their lively and attractive display is what brings out more likes. Uploading a GIF in Facebook is very easy but when it comes to Instagram, it is not the same. Let us see how it can be done.


Post GIF using GIPHY

It is a popular search station for GIFs. It lets the user post GIF easily on any social platform including Instagram.

  • On selecting the GIF of your choice, just click on Instagram button and enter your email afterwards.
  • Open the email on your phone, since Instagram posts the GIFs using phone app and save the video
  • Now open Instagram and share it. Some caption or location could also be added on it.
  • This is even easier when you use a Giphy mobile app.

Post GIF using Photoshop

If you have Photoshop then download the GIF and convert into video file

  • The GIF gets opened inside Photoshop and then click on File, Click, Export and Render video
  • After selecting the location where you want to render the video, send the file to phone via email.
  • Now upload the video file on Instagram

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