Recently, LinkedIn came up with the feature of videos on its platform. And for the businessmen or consultant, online video provides an advantage to boost their business as they create a trust factor and loyal relation over the platform.


How can Online Video help?

  1. Engaging Audience: The American MNC, Cisco predicted that online video will comprise of 80% of all the Internet traffic by 2020. Moreover, millions of users are involved with videos over different platforms. This shows the where the users’ interests eventually lies.
  2. Native video option: LinkedIn native video option allows the user to shoot and upload video content of 10 minutes duration, which will be played in LinkedIn feed. The user gets to see the number of users who viewed it.

  1. Native video, a revolution in itself: Native video will provide a face-to-face interaction with the viewers, which will help in progress of the business as they will get to hear and engage themselves properly.
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