Microsoft announced that Facebook import option is available in Microsoft advertising which lets advertisers to bring their campaigns, ad groups, budgets, creative assets, etc from Facebook to Microsoft Audience Network.


Bing Updated Its Logo And Rebranded as Microsoft Bing

Facebook Import lets advertisers to stretch out their campaign to Bing and the Microsoft Audience Network without investing additional time to them, it is much similar the Google Import highlight does.

Empowering advertisers to get more out of the work they’ve effectively placed in over Facebook Ads or Google Ads makes Microsoft Advertising a simple alternative for advertisers who wants to give their campaigns a new height.

What’s More

  1. This was first declared as a pilot program in April at Microsoft’s Advertising Elevate event. This option is currently available for advertisers of U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany.
  2. The Facebook Import Option lets advertisers import 10,000 campaigns for a single account. One thing to note here is that only one Facebook account is imported at a time.
  3. The list imported from Facebook ads consists of campaign name,campaigns, ads, budgets, ad group name, location targeting, bids and bid strategy, schedule, age targeting and gender targeting. A lot of rumours are there related to list import. Check here the full list what all can imported from Facebook Ads account.
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