Microsoft has announced the launch of the Microsoft Advertising “health blog” which seems like a monitoring center for the uptime and system status of the Microsoft Advertising applications, APIs, and platform.


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Microsoft states that you will be able to trace issues and understand how they may be affecting reporting, delivery, and more, so you can save your important tie and see if there is anything you should be aware of.

Statement By Microsoft

No need to contact our Support teams to ask if there is a problem; with our Health Blog, you will see it all at a glance. You should be greeted by a reassuring sea of green ticks, but if we’re tracking any emerging topics that might have an impact on your experience or performance, you would see either an amber or red alert to indicate the severity of the issue, along with an explanation of the known impact.

This is what the Microsoft Advertising “health blog” looks like:

Microsoft Advertising health blog
Image Source: Search Engine Roundtable

As you can see above it displays the status of the ad console web interface, the ads editor, the ad delivery, the mobile pass, editorial, the ad insight, and the reporting systems bulk API, campaign management API, billing API, customer management API and reporting API.

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