Facebook now is testing another feature of providing insights about the work of admin and moderator they have done for the benefit of the group. This will give an overview to the members about the completion of assigned work status.


Facebook Moderator Insights
Facebook Moderator Insights
Image Source: Social Media Today

Social Media Expert Statement By Matt Navarra

Social Media Expert Statement
Social Media Expert Statement
Image Source: Social Media Today


The following are the aspects on which the activity of each and every moderator and admin can be noticed.

  1. Posts Approved
  2. Posts Declined
  3. Posts Removed
  4. Member Requests Approval
  5. Member Requests Declined

Group members can easily download this data so that they can keep an eye on ongoing activities and helps them in comparison as well.

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For casual Facebook groups, this could be a very unuseful feature. But this feature could be very beneficial for the brands who want to make a connection with their audiences. It will be a more professional way of tracking the moderator’s activity.

Someone who pays moderators for doing this work this feature is beneficial to that person as he will be able to know the exact work done by the moderator.

Current Situation

Moderators’ activity insights are on testing mode and will be made available to every group very soon.

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