With Facebook’s centralized view on messaging, the messaging platform recently announced their launch of WhatsApp business, the tool for brands.


Encounter the business-specific tools added by WhatsApp

  • Business profiles: Provide crucial information to users like business data, email address etc.
  • Messaging tool: Includes smart features like quick replies to FAQs, greeting messages to first customers or away messages
  • Messaging Statistics: Check the status of the read messages
  • WhatsApp Web: The messages could now be managed through web
  • Account Type: This gives a proper identity to your business as the user is listed under Business Account.


The paid enterprise version

With their previous versions of coming up with paid enterprise version, the platform suggested the change in colour of text bubbles while they are communicating with a business. With the ongoing trend of messaging among users, it was inevitable for WhatsApp and Facebook to come up with the business platform of messaging.

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