Microsoft advertising is trying to reduce time and giving more information about account performance to the advertisers by adding some more functionalities to its shopping campaigns. Microsoft is rolling out 4 new features for grouping shopping campaigns which are as follows:

  • Filter, sort, and pivot product groups in a new list view
  • Apply bulk changes faster
  • Enable percentage-based bid changes
  • View side-by-side performance data when subdividing Product Groups

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Previous Grouping

Earlier shopping campaigns were grouped in a hierarchical manner that allows advertisers to view a product that belongs to a particular ad group.

New List View

New Filters In Shopping Campaign
New Filters In Shopping Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Sorting Of Products On Basis Of Bid

Advertisers can now sort their campaigns with bids which is useful to make bulk changes in a faster way. Apart from that, advertisers can easily increase or decrease the bid percentage.

Bid Strategy
Bid Strategy
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Microsoft Spokesperson Statement

Microsoft Spokesperson Statement
Microsoft Spokesperson Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

These new features will be available to all advertisers within a few weeks.



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