Indian online transportation network company Ola, which earlier raised $100 million from its shareholders, recently entered into Australia, has made a soft launch in Perth as it extends its battle with Uber, which earlier expanded its engineering team in India. As a part of the offer, Perth-based customers will be given their first two rides free up to the value of $10 per ride.


Partnering with Driver Unions

Uber sources claim that the company is planning to partner with driver unions to onboard more drivers and work closely with the Australian government to contribute to local transport solutions.

Ola, which was founded back in 2011, provides transportation solutions to over 125 million users in India, through a network of over one million driver partners, across over 110 cities.


Offers also for Drivers

The introductory soft launch also includes offers for the drivers, this includes a 7.5% driver commissions as compared to around 20% charged by Uber.

“The idea during the soft launch is to offer introductory offers to Australian users as an incentive to get them to use the service, and then see how they like the service and invite them to provide feedback by leaving a comment on the app, after each ride has been taken. We are learning firsthand about consumer and driver behavior here,” said an Ola employee.


Higher Commissions to Drivers

Ola, beginning is business in Perth, is offering higher commissions to drivers and more affordable fares to consumers in Australia, before it rolls out the service across other cities in the country, early 2018. The company is continuing to on board private hire vehicle owners in Sydney and Melbourne, as well, besides Perth.

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