Petition Posted Against Google Ads Search Term Data

Greg Finn posted a petition on for Google to change its mind for not hiding search term data in the Google Ads. Greg wanted the SEM community to fill the form.

Google notified advertisers that they have updated their search term that was searched by significant users. This means Google is charging for keywords and advertisers don’t have any information about it.

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Google updated its Search Term Report:

Google Search Term update
Image Source – Seroundtable

Greg Finn Said:

  • We need to know exactly what we are paying for.
    As Google Ads customers, we request full visibility on what terms we are advertising on.
  • No Data? No Impressions or Clicks.
    If we cannot see what a search term is, we do not want to appear for that query, receive that traffic, or pay for that click., Google, Google Ads, Greg Finn,

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