With the coming of the Holiday Period soon, retailers will look for a big jump to end this difficult year. To help the retailers to maximize their profit, Pinterest has designed some new features.


Pinterest Launches New Features For Upcoming Shopping Season

Pinterest Announced:

[The] updated profile enables merchants to transform their shop tab into a storefront with featured in-stock products organized by category, featured product groups and dynamically-created recommendations.

Merchant profile GIF
Image Source – Pinterest

This change provides a broader way to represent the products on the tab, which will automatically increase shopping behavior. However, a list of recommended merchants will also be visible in the search results.

merchant search
Image Source – Pinterest

More Ways To Boost Performance

Pinterest’s also testing a new product tagging option which would give merchants the ability to tag their own scene images with exact products.

Pinterest is also testing the tagging option by which retailers can tag their own scene images with products.

Product tagging GIF
Image Source – Pinterest

Pinterest is also looking to improve its catalog ingestion process, making it easier for brands to connect their product listings direct to their Pins.

Catalogs GIF
Image Source – Pinterest

Pinterest Stated:

Some products just belong together. That’s why we’re bringing together Catalogs and collections to make collections a shopping ad format. As part of this update, brands can now also select a main asset and a corresponding product group to create an inspiring, multi-image ad unit. Additionally, we’re launching the option to use video as a hero in a Collections ad unit to further tell a brand story.

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