Pinterest is working on more ways to let users keep track of the several inspiration and ideas they see on the platform with a new set of board-specific tools. It includes Pin favorites, additional search tools, and personal notes. Starting off with the notes- Pinterest’s new ‘Notes to Self’ features allow all the users to add private notes to any board they get across to, which can help them keep tabs on particular ideas.


Pinterest Launches New Features For Upcoming Shopping Season

Pinterest New Notes
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen in the above image, the new ‘Notes’ feature allows users to add a reminder to any board, which is a handy option when you are looking for Pins for inspiration and testing to keep tabs on what you find in each. Pinterest also adds a new ‘Board Toolbar’ a group of three features to help users sort each board as per their own preferences, or look for same ideas on the basis of the content of each collection.

Board Toolbar
Image Source: Social Media Today

New Options

  • More ideas – This will help users find more Pins similar to those featured on the board
  • To-Dos – Enables users to add ‘to do’ lists related to a specific board, or add other notes
  • Organize – Enables Pinners to re-arrange the board presentation to their liking

New Board Options
Image Source: Social Media Today


Pinterest states that will assist in enhancing search and discovery. Last but not least Pinterest is also testing a new option that will allow Pinners to mark their top pins as favorites by clicking on the star-shaped icon on the Pins on their boards. “Sort boards by favorite Pins and make it easier to find top ideas and take action.” All these new features offer more options for Pinners to maximize their search and discovery efforts, and while they are not such huge changes, each can have huge user benefits.

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