Pinterest Introduces Pinterest Ads in Brazil, Extending Marketing Opportunities


Pinterest continues to be on the move to expand its ad business, with brands in Brazil now can launch paid promotions through Pin.


Pinterest Upgrades Its Ad Management Tools

Explanation By Pinterest

46 million people in Brazil use Pinterest to find ideas. To shop. To decide what’s next. They’ve long depended on Pinterest for inspiration and product discovery. And starting today, Brazilian marketers can use Pinterest ads to better reach this highly engaged audience.

This might open up a new set of opportunities, with Pinterest also giving some usage stats on usage in the nation.

Pinterest Usage Stats
Image Source: Pinterest


The expansion by Pinterest will get more opportunities to build on its revenue opportunities as the platform works to add more ad and outreach tools. This is the first move by Pinterest by expanding Pin ads into Brazil and pushing into Latin America, with more countries to come soon. This could provide new opportunities for brands looking out to reach new markets and could allow small businesses, in particular, to promote their offering to all-new audiences.

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