Pinterest has declared its first-ever Creator Fund which will give out money to support the creators on the platform. The company also rolling out a new ‘Creator Code’ initiative that focuses on influencing positive engagement on the platform.


Pinterest Launches New Features For Upcoming Shopping Season

Explanation By Pinterest

The program, currently only available in the United States, was started because we saw a need to uplift Creators and communities that have been disproportionately underrepresented on the platform. For the first cohort, we partnered with Creators from diverse backgrounds, from the worlds of fashion, photography, food and travel. They went through training, creative strategy consulting, and received budget for content creation and ad credits.

Pinterest is also launching a new ‘Creator Code’ – a sort of agreement among creators to uphold several standards in their platform engagements.

Statement By Pinterest

It’s hard to be creative when you’re surrounded by negativity and comparison. On Pinterest, it’s different. We lead with kindness and put your well-being as a creator first. See what happens when you create with a kinder community.

The Creator Code will affirm the agreement of a mandatory set of guidelines before creators can post story pins.

Pinterest Guidelines For Creators
Image Source: Pinterest

Pinterest has also given a detailed overview of each element on a new mini-site.

Pinterest Detailed Overview
Image Source: Pinterest

It seems to be an interesting approach to influence positive engagement which will help Pinterest keep its platform more engaging and open with code referring as a point for in-app actions. Also, Pinterest is adding new comment moderation tools which will help keep things on the platform friendly.

Pinterest Comment Moderation Tools
Image Source: Pinterest

As you can see Pinterest adding new keyword filtering, comment removal options, and comment planning to help encourage positive interactions.


These are few interesting features for Pinterest, and as the Creator Fund seems to be a really good addition, the platform-friendly tools could add value with simple prompts like these are enough to get users to rethink what they are about to post. You can check out Pinterest’s Creator Code for more information.

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