Content owners now have the ability to claim copyright of their images on Pinterest and determine how the content is used throughout the network. The new Content Claiming Portal enables creators to erase existing versions of their content and prevent future versions from being used on Pinterest. This could be helpful in making sure that the content is not misused on Pinterest.


Pinterest Launches New Features For Upcoming Shopping Season

Pinterest Content Claiming Portal

Creators need to fill out an application to take control of their content on Pinterest. The application asks creators to provide proof of content ownership. It includes details regarding the creator’s personal contact information and links to the sources where the content ownership can be verified. Here’s an example below:

Pinterest Content Claiming Portal Application
Image Source: Pinterest

Creators will get three options to impose how their content is used on the platform if the application gets approved.

The Three Options Include:

  • Mine only: Remove existing and future versions of the images from Pinterest, except Pins originally saved by me.
  • Website only: Remove existing and future versions of the images from Pinterest, except Pins that link to my claimed website(s). (This option will only be available if you have a claimed website.)
  • Block all: Remove all existing and future versions of these images from Pinterest.


Once approved into the Content Claiming Portal, the rights holders will then can claim ownership of the additional content without submitting any application each time. Creators can just upload the images which Pinterest will use to remove and block matching images. If the application does not get approved then the creators can apply again in 30 days. Content owners can submit an application here on the Content Claiming Portal.

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