Pinterest has announced that it has upgraded its Shopify app which offers a new option for Shopify merchants to easily feed their complete products catalog straight to shoppable pins.

Shopify App Store
Image Source: Social Media Today

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As Explained By Pinterest:

As Explained By Pinterest
Image Source: Social Media Today

Pinterest earlier allowed Shopify merchants to create ads and enabled them to track data performance but with this new update, it will be easier for Shopify users to showcase their product listings on Pinterest.

Shopify Dashboard
Image Source: Social Media Today

Once the Pinterest app has been added to your Shopify dashboard then it enables you to add your product catalog to start streaming all of your product listings through. Your product listings must follow Pinterest’s feed formats and the connection will manage the information stream between both the platforms. It will include accurate and updated information on price and the availability and it will also enable a shop tab on your Pinterest profile to display your products.

Showcase Your Product
Image Source: Social Media Today

Pinterest usage has been on the rise amid the COVID-19 lockdown with engagement on shoppable pins has increased by 44%. A part of the increase in its usage is due to its support to small businesses, who are struggling at a time like this. Considering the Pinterest rising growth rate it is moving more towards eCommerce and browse to shop, that the people are increasingly looking for products to buy on the platform which could be a plus point for Shopify merchants.

The Pinterest app for Shopify is now available to users in Canada and the USA and it is expected to expand to other regions in a few weeks.

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