Today, Pinterest has pushed out some marketing and ad tools that provide more insights into campaign performance. This will also increase the opportunity to reach out to the right set of audience.

Firstly, Pinterest has added a new video ad-option i.e “Pinterest Premiere” that will allow marketers to buy an exclusive video placement in their home feed. However, this function will not be visible to all types of demographic, interest.


Pinterest Launches New Features For Upcoming Shopping Season

Pinterest Explanation

Pinterest Premiere gives you the option to align video ad targeting with either a specific demographic, or a specific category (combining demographics and interests). These packages are set up to help you drive broader reach and scale for moments like launches, brand events or even ongoing campaigns.

The video ad-option is similar to the Twitter “First View” ad-option. This ensures that your video is the first thing that your potential audience will see. This feature comes with a huge price, but it also gives you the optimal reach with your potential audience.

The step of “Pinterest Premiere” seems to be justified as the platform is near to cross a billion video views in a single day. According to Pinterest, Pinterest users are 2.6X more likely to buy things after watching brand video content. Therefore, it is worth spending an extra penny if you are planning to include Pinterest in your marketing strategy.

Interactive Trends Tool

Apart from video ad-options, Pinterest has also updated its “Interactive Trends Tool“, which provides more insights regarding engagement behaviors all over the platform.

Pnterest Interactive Trends Tool
Image Credit: Social Media Today

In December 2019, Pinterest launched its Trends Tool, although the tool was in the beta version. However, this format helps advertisers in understanding the context more accurately. Below this, you can easily find the trending pins on the platform.


These new tools will definitely bring more opportunities for the brands to use Pinterest. They can get improved audience research and other features as well. The platform is also working on making catalogs more managerial with a new automated bidding system.

At present Pinterest has 459 million active users, therefore Pinterest is also looking to ride the wave of eCommerce.

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