Back in February, Pinterest was working on its profile verification program, so as to provide assurance to the users in regards to the trusted businesses which had fulfilled the platform standards on customer service. Now that the demand for e-commerce is on the rise and Pinterest is receiving a huge increase in traffic, the platform has introduced its own verified merchant program which will show a blue checkmark on brand profiles that fulfills the quality and transparency conditions.

Blue Checkmark
Image Source: Social Media Today

Explanation By Pinterest

Explanation By Pinterest
Image Source: Social Media Today

The verification program adds an official blue checkmark to your profile, providing trust and authority to your brand. Not only this verified merchants will be able to use new features sooner. Pinterest has made essential updates to its catalog process, which reduces the time from feed ingestion to the creation of product pin. Pinterest has also improved its Dynamic Retargetting tool to focus more on ads offers to users who have shown engagement with similar products.

What You Get As A Verified Merchant
Image Source: Social Media Today

How To Get Verified?

To get that blue checkmark, follow these steps-

  • Link your catalog: The best way to get your products on Pinterest is to Upload your feed.
  • Install the Pinterest tag: Tags assists you to track actions from Pinterest.
  • Fulfill the merchant guidelines

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Pinterest besides making brands upgrade their customer services wants to add more product listing on its platform, including updated information on stock price and availability. By linking your product catalog you provide Pinterest more items to add to its shopping pins besides qualifying for merchant guidelines.

Merchant Guidelines

Merchant Guidelines
Image Source: Social Media Today


Though qualifications require extra work to do but having a blue checkmark adds an extra level of authority. With its user rising in numbers it is worth considering for as e-commerce is on the rise during the lockdown which will lead to a large consumer shift. Initially, the Pinterest verified merchant scheme will only be available to merchants in the USA, which will later be expanded to other regions later in the year.

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