All the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter have used likes or emoji to give their opinions on posts but a new platform on the rise can change the way of liking the posts with a new social platform- Polygram.


About Polygram

It is a new image-based social network that senses user response using Artificial Intelligence by recognizing user response like a smile or frown.


How to use the App

Polygram which was recently launched on iOS uses the phone’s front-facing camera to determine the facial expression and respond to the posts or photos. This will show the user how many people have liked his posts or how many were shocked and so on.


The breakdown of user Responses

Polygram breaks down the user responses by a number of views or who have taken a screenshot. The responses are also broken down by location or gender.


More amazing Features

It has facial filters, fun masks and even beauty masks that are actually designed by plastic surgeons. It also prevents the disappearing images from becoming a screenshot.

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