Facebook is testing their latest option wherein the user profiles would no longer be shown with a long list of their shared posts. The users can share their posts through their profiles or through the news feed.


About the latest feature

The test has been spotted by Next Web’s Matt Navarra where he saw the option on the top of a new post beside a privacy option along with the option to add to an album. The user has to select “show on profile” within which the user gets the liberty to like the current option or post to news feed or profile. There is another variation as well that uses a pop-up window for the users to choose their destination of posting.


How will this help users?

If this option is approved the users will enjoy more control over the content they get to share on their profile. As we know that friends look after the news feed for any latest update but for a visitor the profile will give them an introduction about the user like what they have shared in their past or look out for any friend. Users who want to share a post but do not want a specific person to find his shared post can hide it effectively.


More tests on the way

Facebook is high in their testing sessions these days. Along with this, Facebook is also testing an option to identify bot and also bringing a Click Greeting option for poke.

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