Though you might have undergone captcha-designed tests by typing a series of alphabets or numbers or serially clicking on images one-by-one, you will come face-to-face to an entirely different feature of testing a bot with Facebook. Facebook confirms that it is bringing a photo-based identity test by giving out the screenshots of the test on Twitter.


About the feature

The feature will ask the user to upload an image that should clearly show the face. It is also said that after using the photo it will immediately be removed from their server. The catch is that the tool will ask for an upload rather than switching on the camera and take the photo right then and there.


How will this help?

It will be tremendously helpful in maintaining the security and catch the person detected with suspicious activity. This could be used at various stages like while creating an account or creating ads. The Facebook software is responsible for reviewing the photo. It will ensure that the image is unique and not something picked from Google.


Why are such measures being taken?


Facebook suffered from a number of vulnerabilities previous year with 2016 presidential elections of US where Russian bot accounts were detected. They have brought about updated ad policy that will those users who buy political ads to verify their identity and location. For this, the test where the user gets to upload his photo will act as a security measure.

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