Quora has released a new design for their Ads interface, with a new code refresh that will let them upgrade their offerings even more quickly. The team of Quora also states that it will function more responsively and the user will have faster experience as they continue to work on the platform’s offerings.

Quora Update
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Sleeker Interface Setup

In order to enhance the user’s visual experience, the old interface has been upgraded in various ways. For example, users can see a progress bar on the top, to help users get to know on what page they are on in the campaign setup process.

Sleeker Setup Interface
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Various changes have been done to the interface for better use of space like Ad previews appear on top of the page now. Conversions have been upgraded to events now

Ad preview
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Instinctive User Choices

The redesign concentrates on options such as metric types and date ranges. Columns for reporting have been moved to a nested interface from a list of metrics that now groups the related measurements altogether.

Instinctive User choices
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

The date range calendar now offers a simpler interface to select ranges, rather than doing an extra step to mention the dates for their data.

data range calendar
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Quora’s Distinctive Proposition In B2B Advertising

The rebuilding of the Quora Ads platform comes at the right time. Their user base increased from 200m to 300m between 2017 and 2018, receiving more inventory for their Ads product. Quora has been considered a valuable platform for B2B advertisers with a higher engagement rate than LinkedIn. It also offers a different Q&A environment. Thus allowing businesses to show authority while providing the required information to readers organically, with unique ad placement options. Mostly users of Quora are information gatherers and researchers.

Few of their Ad options have Promoted Answers which allows advertisers to pay some to have their answer display for questions.


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