Right side Featured Snippets are being moved to top position and if it is not done yet, Google should be moving it. By the time, deduplication of the featured snippets that are on the right side will be removed. However, deduplication is still there on the right side featured snippets, it might be rolling out as it should have done by now. In the search results, it will not make confusion on the deduplication on featured snippets URLs.

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Featured Snippets will start removing today as rollout has been started.

Google said this on Twitter:


The main worry point is that it is some folks saw the rank dropped from 1, 2 or 3 to 11, as Search Console has reported the ranking of normal snippets to position 11. It will regain the position one as Google is trying to move it up, but after looking at the Search Console data, you may get worried.

Glenn Gabe share an example on Twitter “Great ex of what’s happening in GSC for right-side featured snippets now that it only shows up on the right side in position 11+. The center natural position went from 1-3 preceding the change.. Now it’s only in position 11 on the right.”

The video is about the complaints in Last Friday Hangout with John Mueller:

Google is removing deduplication of right side featured snippets until it is moved on the top, it should fix any time.

Danny Sullivan told the right side featured snippet will be moved to the top position at some point:

Few more update from Google:

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