After turning their attention to Group admins with the addition of latest tools, LinkedIn has come up with some new search options, where the search pages are modified to ease the use of available filters. The search filters have been repositioned to the top of the screen with a drop-down list containing various related options.


What does LinkedIn have to say about this new update?

“To streamline your search experience, we’ve moved search filters to the top of the search results page. In addition, the most frequently used filters – like location, connection degree, and current companies – are displayed by default to help you narrow your search more effortlessly.”


More changes

The layout of the search results for different categories have also been changed. LinkedIn explained this new layout “For example, if you search for “retail analyst,” the primary results are people who hold this job title, but we’ll also show you open job listings that you can dive into.” LinkedIn has also made it easier to make relevant connections and find the required people on the platform.


How would the connections feature be helpful?

LinkedIn stated the obvious reasons of updating the connections and commented that “With 70% of people being hired at a company where they had a connection, your professional network goes a long way in helping you connect to opportunities. Now think about how helpful your extended network can be in helping you find an “in” to your next job or the perfect candidate for that open position on your team.”

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