Searching is what Pinterest is working to smoothen up. With their latest addition of photo queries and text in the visual search engine Lens, Pinterest is meticulously working to enhance its functionalities day-by-day. Currently, it is working on presentation options for the users to get help in arranging their Pins as per their style.


Previous Options

Last year, Pinterest came up with ‘Sections’ as a refinement towards their Pin Presentation.  In this the users were allowed to arrange their Pinterest boards with sections and sub-headings within a main topic. But, in their latest change, Pinterest is adding a range of tools where the users get to customize their chosen Pins.

What are the latest options?

  • The first option is based on archiving the old Pinterest boards. This feature would help to clear out the Pinterest profile presentation and enhancing relevance of the recommended Pins. This ‘Archive’ option is available in the board settings. After one of the board gets archived, this gets added in a new section that could be revisited again.


  • The second option will be used in re-ordering Sections for a better Pin Presentation.


  • The third feature that is included is the re-arrangement of pins. This has been the most demanding feature which will help the users to drag the Pins.


  • The last option that has been added is the feature of Sorting Pinterest boards on the web. The sorting will be done in alphabetical order, currently saved pins, newest to oldest created boards or customized option.

How much beneficial is this new option?

With the help of this latest Pin presentation, future recommendations for the Pins get better with the profile customization. Even the archived boards could be shared with family or friends using ‘Send’ button.

The re-ordering of the Sections would help the user to place them anywhere and will bring the Sections in focus.

How the re-ordering is going to work?

Pinterest say the reordering of pins could be done easily.

  • On iOS or the web, open a board, long press on a section and drag to reorder it. Or select the Organize button to collapse all your sections and drag them to new positions.
  • If you’re on Android, open a board, tap the Organize button then Reorder sections to drag them to new positions.
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