Pinterest will now show shoppable pins whenever users do a visual search with the lens camera. Lens feature allows users to search for a specific product simply by taking a picture of it. Users can also upload pictures from their camera gallery and Pinterest will display search results with same looking items. Here is how to use the Pinterest Lens to search for products.

Pinterest Lens To Find Shoppable Pins

To use the Lens camera, start the Pinterest app, and click on the camera icon located on the right side of the search bar.

launch the camera
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

The next step is to capture the item you want to search for. Also, you can upload the picture from your camera gallery.

take a picture
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

After the photo has been uploaded, Pinterest will then show a set of search results.

shoppable pin
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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Every shoppable pin redirects to the checkout page on a retailer’s website. It only shows shoppable pins for in-stock products.

“Use Lens to shop in-stock products. You can also upload a screenshot you’ve snapped from another app or an older photo from your camera roll – such as artwork, a rug or pillows — and Lens will tell you what it is and where you can purchase it.

Lens can take images from offline or online and show you similar items for sale, from a range of retailers and price points. It’s harder to browse the aisles of your favorite stores these days, but with Lens, you can browse the online catalogs of retailers to discover new products you’ll love.”

According to Pinterest’s data, it says 90% of weekly users say they use the platform to make the purchase decisions.



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