Shutterstock has launched a new resource point for COVID-19 related tools and content to assist businesses during COVID-19 lockdown. These include free image visuals like infographics, stock images for use by small and medium-sized businesses.

collection of images
Image Source: Social Media Today

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In addition to this Shutterstock has also provided videos, free images, and music. Small and medium-sized businesses can make use of these to communicate messages like working from home or shift to online trading.

Shutterstock collection
Image Source: Social Media Today

Though these resources are limited they are of high quality which you can use to improve your content presentation. Along with this Shutterstock offers free backgrounds for virtual meetings to enhance the look of your office at home. It also provides advice posts and guides to upgrade your visual efforts. You can use the Shutterstock editor to make changes to your visual content by using templates for social media and some tools to generate more effective visuals.

Free Background
Image Source: Social Media Today

The Shutterstock can not allow free access to all of its images, but those available for free are worth considering for your usage.

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