On Friday, 13th September, there were signals of a possible Google Update. Signals are still there of a google search update, but the conversation is still going on through the morning & tracking tools are also saying the same over the weekend. Currently, the updates are not as such big as of core updates but there is 100% chitchat in the SEO community & tracking tools also adds some value to this chitchat.


Have a look over the various conversation over webmaster world.

1) More drastic changes today’s and surprisingly some are positive. SERPS Still appear to be in flux here.

2) Our SERPs have also looked good for several weeks, including past few days, but that’s not necessarily translating into actual traffic gains, at least not yet. I am hopeful though.

3) In other news, continuing to see a lot of SERP flux throughout the day beginning yesterday evening (Saturday night US), and right now it seemed to dialed in even more.

Checkout the various Tracking Tools Report:-

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