Check out the analysis of changes below which contains the previous version on the left side and latest changes on the right side.


Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) Pages


The earlier “News or public/official Information pages Important for having an Informed citizenry and Legal Information pages sections have been reorganized and replaced with “News and current events” and “Civics, government, and law,” which now appear at the top of the list.

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Findings: Responsible and Creation of Websites and Pages


This subsection of Understanding the Website adds which lets users distinguish between content created by themselves v/s content added by other users.


Research on the Reputation of the Website or Creator of the Main Content


This subsection Reputation of the Website or Creator of the Main Content puts more attention on print media by changing newspaper website with newspaper.


High-Quality Pages: Examples



Page Quality rating and explanation section of three examples have been increased. further, the news explanation will now have a positive repo. for objective reporting and investigative journalism.


Highest Quality Pages



(Very High-Quality Main Content) now enlarge YMYL topics from out of the box, news articles, and information pages. There are now categories for news, artistic and informational content.


Very High Level of E-A-T boost the overall fence for YMYL content but standards for E-A-T will vary. It also adds video as a content source.

Pages Potentially Spread Hate



The criteria for spreading hate has been removed and replaced with broader bases for administering the lowest page rating.


Page Quality Rating FAQs



Google has made it more accurate to its raters that pages existing related to humor, entertainment and the like are all valid and valued page purposes, and hence may not necessarily deserve a low-quality rating because they do not serve more practical purposes.


Rating on Your Phone Issues



Google is no longer telling raters to assume, by default, that queries with device-specific results were issued on an Android device.


Fully Meets (FullyM) Result Blocks: Examples



The note once-attached with explanation has been removed. This is in regard to the assumption that device-specific results are coming from Android devices.

Slightly Meets (SM) Result Blocks: Examples



The above example has been removed.


Fails to Meet (FailsM)



Using the Upsetting-Offensive Flag



The word “criteria” has been removed, allowing for wider bases with which to justify applying the Upsetting-Offensive flag. There is also an added emphasis on groups of people.

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