Snapchat Acquires ‘Screenshop’ To Advance Its eCommerce Efforts


Snapchat takes another step towards its eCommerce push by acquiring Screenshop, an app that scans your photos to determine your desired style choices and then provides clothing recommendations on the basis of those findings.

Snapchat-Screenshop acquistion
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According To A Report

Snap plans to announce the eCommerce push at its annual developer conference in late May in the form of a new shopping recommendation feature that will mainly be accessible inside Memories, a section of Snapchat where users collect photos and videos to view later.

As per the information, Screenshop process will include scanning the pictures that are saved to your memories so as to showcase related products that may be of your interest. Snapchat now will add the tool to its shopping, which as we have seen already that the platform developing new Bitmoji fashion products to enhance branding efforts and AR try-on tools for shoes and makeup.

Snap bitmoji fashion products
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Considering the acquisition of Screenshop it makes sense and will be interesting to see how it looks to integrate this feature when it makes an official announcement. Snapchat’s 2021 Partner Summit will take place on May 20th through a digital event.

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