In the Annual Partner Summit, Snapchat declares some features for its Snap Camera. These features include the identification of plants, breeds of dogs. Through Snap camera users will be able to get some extra information like nutrients value by just scanning the plant/dog/product.

Now, users can get more information about certain products by just scanning the food and wine labels.


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For Product

Snapchat Barcode Scanning
Source: Social Media Today

You can easily see this in the above image that when you hold your finger on the screen while scanning a barcode, you will get the information regarding its nutrients value.

For Wine

Snapchat Barcode Scanning For Wine
Source: Social Media Today

The extra product information comes with a reference from third-party apps. This presents Snap with more than a few scan alternatives, primarily based on mounted databases so that you can scan a wide range of products to get supplementary insight and details.

Back in 2015, the company has filed a patent that includes a summary of what can be done through its visual recognition tools. An example has been shown below.

For example, a photograph including an object recognized as a restaurant may result in the user being presented with photo filters that overlay a menu of the restaurant on the photograph. Or a photograph including an object recognized as a food type may result in the user being presented with photo filters that let the user view information e.g., calories, fat content, cost, or other information associated with the food type.

Snapchat Patent
Source: Social Media Today.

Snapchat has set the next phase of the AR development with these new features. With New, AR enables glasses users can scan the product and get detailed information.

Snapchat is doing its best to convert its glasses into a fully functional AR device, but it seems to be tough. Facebook is also bringing its own AR glasses to the market. If Snapchat comes up with new features with AR then it could turn into a good deal for the company who is already developing AR glasses.


With technological development, it becomes next to impossible for Snapchat to build its own AR glasses. But at the same time, its feature could be a great addition for potential partnerships say Apple. This will help both the companies to compete with Facebook.

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