Snapchat has updated its display, users can show their followers count on their profile. Previously only users can see how many followers they have. Users now have an option to display the number of followers or subscribers by selecting all to see.


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The screenshot was shared on Twitter By Mike Metzler On Twitter

In its early days, Snapchat was against the ideas of publicly displaying metrics like the number of subscribers or followers, but the company has made changes to it.

According to Snapchat:

We’ve listened to feedback from our creator community and many of them expressed interest in having the option to show that their community on Snapchat is growing.

So, starting today, we are giving creators the option to make subscriber counts visible on their public profiles.

We understand not every creator wants to have public metrics visible to their fans. Therefore, creators can choose to toggle this metric on and off as needed in their settings.

Need To Display Subscriber Count Publicly

Influencers and soon to be influencer will be benefitted most from this update, as it will create better opportunities for advertising and promoting by having a large and fast-growing audience. Showing the exact number of opportunities will create options for better profitable deals.

People follow the brand and businesses these days by looking at the number of followers or subscribers these days. Subscriber count will help people let understand, which brand or business is relevant and best to follow. Businesses with less subscriber count will have a negative count impact, so some account will keep their count private.

Public Profile

The option is available for the individual and business with the public profile, the option came in September and has given access to limited accounts as of now.

Snapchat Lets Users Display Follower Counts
Image Source – Social Media Today

Soon the option will available to all individuals and businesses on a global scale in the upcoming months, which will enable everyone to showoff their subscriber count and get benefits for many other features.

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