Reports around the world state that there has been a significant increase in domestic violence cases amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with most of the victims trapped inside with the abusers, restricting the ways to escape.

Regions like Brazil have seen a 50% increase in domestic violence cases, New Zealand support and police agencies have received calls related to family harm increase by 20%, and the UN commissioned reported a 20% increase in domestic violence cases all around across its member cases. It is a terrifying side effect of the wide mitigation efforts and as the lockdown will bring safety to many there are few who will still suffer. Therefore this new initiative by Snapchat is so necessary.

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Snapchat has announced a collaboration with National Network to bring an end to domestic violence to offer a helping hand for Snapchat users who are going through domestic violence or are looking for support for their friends or relatives.

Here For You
Image Source: Social Media Today

The new resources will be provided in the Snapchat’s Here For You community help feature which the company launched back in February. Users will be able to use Here For You via searching in in-app search for related terms like- if a user searches for say “abuse” then they will be provided with a list of resources to help them with various circumstances.

The content of the resources will be provided with subtitles for users who do not feel like viewing with sound on. Considering the rising domestic violence it is a helpful initiative.

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