Snapchat is introducing a new dynamic ad unit specially designed for E-commerce websites. This gives automated personalization which is not available to others moreover, it helps to scale and drive performance in a better way.

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Statement By Snapchat Officials:

Advantages Of Dynamic Ad Includes:

SnapChat statement on new Ad unit for ecommerce
SnapChat Officials Statement

Image Source: Search Engine Journal

  • High-Grade Creativity:

Already made custom templates make it easier for the advertisers to create a high-end advertisement in just simple clicks. It can be done without any designing skills.

  • Increased ad relevance:

In the new feature, an advertiser has to upload a product catalog and selecting the targeting audience and Snapchat’s system delivers the ad in real-time. By uploading product catalog Snapchat automatically updates the prodc=uct details and hence advertisers can run “always-on” campaigns.

  • Save Time:

This feature saves a lot of time as advertisers are not creating ads manually, therefore, they can focus more on the growth of the business.




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